Tuesday, September 28, 2004

looking for a baseline conception
for beginning this project

“What should I read now?,” he’s always asking, “or next?”

One can read forever; there’s always more to read before writing. But the writing has to be done, to begin, so you go with what you have, what the project can be today, which becomes the horizon for backtrack writing that brings the reader through narrative woods to where I was (today), as I moved on, via that reconstructing: The pathmaking employs stylized recapulation for its own tacit advance, anewing itself in genealogy (partly), in the rhetoric of a “discourse” (or cohering of discursive singularity)—as if here to have first constituted an entirety of conception (yet, more really, to memorialize a messy sojourn passed by good form here).

But the project’s self-conception of insight I gain there may be over the horizon of the presented path here (the genealogy, constitution, discourse), as writing you continues toward where I no longer live, as the narrative here registers a distancing gained—your here, my there, cohering in (t)hering.