Sunday, April 24, 2011

normativity is about temporal reliability for interaction space

It’s action orienting, not as such regulative.

What am I going to do about having thousands of notes that only I understand?

To wit: Planning and policy belonging to ordinary action orients at best by setting purposive temporal continuity openly (i.e., flexibly, sensitively, adaptively), thus gaining and expressing a “normativity” of self efficacy for one’s Project-ive life.

Friday, April 15, 2011

about psychological exploration

Psychological reflectivity as conceptual prospecting is based in psychal (¶ 12) self-understanding, which is ontogenic. Conceptual prospecting is pre-ontological, i.e., not yet venturing to claim a primordial focus. Inasmuch as such prospecting has constitutive merit for ongoing inquiry, then the prospecting might be appropriately called ontic (and its aspects ontical), but that’s about a provisional efficacy of conceptuality for discursive inquiry. It’s no metaphysicalism, to my mind. Onticality is a relative notion of inquiry, as a topography may be relative to a preceding topology, which is developed from evolving backgrounds. The nature of developmental evolving (presently: a humanistic phenotype—this writer—in a historizing ecology, so to speak) is a primordial interest of inquiry in itself (as discursive inquiry, not exemplifying the writer as such—not merely self serving).