Saturday, September 18, 2004

OK, there is no perfect beginning,...

...wherever you start, whatever the ultimacy of cohering you think to share—you bring others to maybe appreciate someday.

I’ll never understand quantum cosmology, so what can I do?

What the quantum cosmologist may never understand—well, I guess, if you can understand quantum cosmology, you can understand anything....The quantum cosmologist won’t have time to understand all that’s worth understanding; no one has such time. There reigns the inconceivable “encyclopedia” of all specialties—the essential library of humanity (call it The Library)—which only a god could master. The fullness of human understandability is beyond any singular discourse (even beyond a singular discourse community).

But look: “Modern science” will find a way to extend human life and fluid intelligence to double (at least) current life expectancy, probably further. Would you want it? Inquiring minds might! I would: Given the lucidity of my ‘20s for 200 years, no brainer! Imagine a university of such ones, a scientific-literary humanity of such ones. Yet, the generative effect of that on The Library would keep its susceptibility to ultimate cohering (in principle) inaccessible. The Physicists’ Theory of Everything will say nothing about the nature of living intelligence (especially its evolving). Bring on those Methusalehs of youthful capacity, those angels we may create.