Sunday, September 26, 2004

designer asserts license

This is a conceptually programmatic endeavor. But I love to wander; side treks are good for research, too! That helps keep the pathmaking honest: It’s an evolving endeavor that will revise its given design in light of advents. So, I may at times seem to have lost direction, but I haven’t. I just love free association maybe too much at times—romancing Aletheia, I guess. Trust that I won’t forget the pathmaking.

Voyaging, pathmaking, journeying, sojourn, ..... Counterpath (Derrida).

A life is always in storiation, living out its potential narratability (if not evolving—but inasmuch as there’s evolving, it is via kinds of voyaging).

Always open to Habermasian relevance along the way (continuing to post to the Habermas group on the road), “the evolving project” is a lifeworld-based (my life) entrance into post-Habermasian relevance.

Wandering and wondering in voyaging, etc.

Though this is a conceptually programmatic venture, the development of topics aren’t about that conceptuality (just as Habermas’ 3-fold pragmatic realist conceptuality isn’t usually his focus).