Sunday, October 11, 2020

what’s ‘good’

It promises a better way, relative to other options. It’s an appellant metonym for the way to go.

Historically, the term tropes a concept of appropriateness: fitting, uniting—or fit uniting, fitting unitedness?—cohering?

Its vast range of meaning (52 sub-definitions)—its aura-tic nebulosity
(so dependent on context of use)—is basically and merely twofold:

1: attributive value: favoring, fitting, appealing; being sufficient, valid, or satisfactory

2: exemplary value: being admirable, respectable, or capable.

The better way orients (like a pole star) events of appropriation.

My several discussions of this (typically here—but also prospected in earlier years more casually) haven’t mentioned that interesting etymological and lexical character of ‘good’. So, here you have it,
brief and non-tedious.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

ensouled worldliness of a singularity

This is part 14 of “soul of Self interest

High flourishing prospects the scalarity of engaged aspiration, beyond an appeal of exemplary humanity, beyond passed heuristics of some wholly flourishing interplay with pretentions of constellating proteany. Radiant gravity of futural Appeal is the point.

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

being “conventional”

This is part 1 of “being an American (with conceptual issues)

I guess that one’s first take on the meaning of ‘conventional’ is like “being conformative” or customary—and passive irt a convention.
(My use of ‘irt’= “in relating to” has become so customary for me in writing that I no longer define ‘irt’; I just use it.)

But the first meaning of ‘convention’ stood for something active: “1 : a: an agreement between persons or parties” (M-W. Unabridged). Being conventional, beginning for English in the 15thC, was something “1 : a: based on, settled by, or formed by agreement or compact.”

The agreement can be with/to oneself: resolved, self-realization, appreciating who “I” am, truly, to-and-for myself.

A convention is an action-orienting value that makes one’s action worthwhile.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

vistas of blobs: gathering satisfaction in a hunt

To call motion a hunt implies intent in the motion. The moving thing hunts because eventually a capture is seen, after which the moving settles, evidently satisfied. That which moves captures and settles, showing intent.

But there can’t be intent without intelligence. So, the moving capture that settles itself is intelligent.

Formation of clouds in a humid sky gravitates toward concentration of moisture into precipitous portent. The air shapes itself as if drawn to concentrate moisture—as if centripetality of temperature differences in barametric pressure prefers entropic condensation—because entropy prevails “above” all.

Time lapse video of cloud formation over a plain looks like an awesome formation by intent. Analytically, there is physical “prevailing” with results being centripetally drawn into self-precipitating vortexes.

Friday, May 8, 2020

historical “psyche”

‘Psychal’ and ‘psychality’ also allows more-direct association with its classical Greek root, psyche, which is revealing of the Self/self Difference.

The combining form ‘psych-‘ originally meant “life, spirit, soul, self” (M-W Unabridged). All of that! life itself? life as “spirit”? essentially spirit, but life apart?

Greek psyche is “akin” to Greek psychein: to breathe, blow. I blow, but do I breathe?: Forgetting that I breathe, by attending to anything in my day, “I” continues to breathe, as if there is another I within me: spirit, like the wind of Nature breathing.