Friday, January 11, 2019


Evidently, I began using ‘psychal’ in mid-March, 2011 because I wanted a correlate of my term ‘mindality’ and which was to be associable with phenomenological interest, differing from standard “psychological” (scientized) interest.

Sunday, January 6, 2019


I ask the gifted (or would), figuratively speaking: “What is ‘genius’?”

I’d prefer to seek the gifted non-figuratively: those who’ve dwelled with the reality of their own talent (irt their preferred domain and their hope for lasting influence), so that we may dwell together in issues of leading mind— I, to learn from “you”; you and others to have a neat chance to influence me (please).


Normally, ‘retrojection’ means “projection into the past” (M-W Unabridged). M-W offers the base-word (transitive verb) example: “...retroject an hallucination into one's childhood.” That seems kindred to displacement, if not exclusion or suppression. “It’s past now...merely past.”

But “the past” is a construction derived from a living sense of pastness (being “past”) that is thereby differentiating presence from presence-no-more: being there: “past.” Feeling pastness irt something allocates that to presence-no-more, yet referring to the past is a pretense of definition (enframing) that is either relative to a narrative about a segment of pastness or is implicitly containing pastness altogether as something discretely apart from being now.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

genesis ongoing

The Project, up to 2017, light-heartedly named “sundry gardening,” is usefully (for me) regarded as as precursor, process, and as event of appropriation. Yet, The Project is not equivalent with Cycle 3 of It.
Cycle 4 has no online prospectus. But I’ll return to this point at the end here.


Altogether. a singularity of thinking (an entirety of Project-ive engage-ment) is troped in particular instances (specific texts), as if given-conceptuality (particular discursive presentation) is hologramic of
The Project’s entire aspectuality.

Philogeny: a project, 2004-2017, fondly named “sundry gardening” (hereafter: “s.g.”).

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Silly birds. You’re so hyper in balmy days, as if ultimacy is chirping.

Yet, we wouldn’t claim that their happy vitality is inspired. They’re full of how they’re to be. We say their vitality is “hardwired” toward goals and reliefs lacking inspiration that may serve aspiration and calls for creativity?

We have intrinsic, self-enhancive vitality that can be traced back into our infancy, incomparable to the ephemeral flurries of other creatures.