Saturday, June 11, 2022

OneSelf is not basically a matter of “subjectivity”

‘Subjectivity’ is a politically-loaded term—coined in early modernity (from Latin)—which originally pertained to the condition of a person as subject to a lord.

The Greek notion of psyche was something else: a conception of Self (which I discussed briefly, a while ago) or soul. I refer to selfality, self (and selfidentity), self/[inter]personal difference, nebulous Self, and altogether a differentiated conception of oneSelf. Homogenous notions of subjectivity are relatively simplistic (as well as ideologically tinged).

Monday, May 23, 2022

loving mental playces

places of play <—> play of places—mental and / or otherwise.
  • playing place: Suppose...
  • interplacing: We suppose...
  • interplaying: We consider...
  • playtiming: “Can you come out and play?”
  • playing time: In the beginning,…
  • interplayce: We loved that…
  • playgrounding: It is the case that...
  • interplaycing: Are you wholly in play here?
Free association—reverie, “daydreaming”—has integral value for creativity inasmuch as it serves the mental efficacy which is ordinarily necessary for adaptability, for gaining options to prefer, and for shaping purposes, all of which can be individuative through self-reflective learning: advancing flexibility, enhancing scale of value, and inspiring aspiration.

That efficacy released into novel play evinces options, values, directions, etc. which can be importantly novel: creative.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022


Some values are integral, even regarded as intrinsic, unlike most values. Integrally intrinsic values have high importance which orient the relevance of other values for action; or override other values in evaluations. A holism of values is valuable as such.

To preserve the kinship of integrally intrinsic values and other values,
I capitalize the former in my offline notes; so, I want to do that online.
I place a ‘V’ at the end to distinguish the difference between using that term and ‘value’ at the beginning of a sentence (which gets capitalized).

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

a singular pluralism of conceptual interests

Inevitably, aspirations become plural. The singularity of a life may have no comprehensive conception (to observers or readers), but obviously one’s life is a singularity.

But finding a comprehensive comprehension of my conceptual interests is less interesting to me, in the near term, than journeying on, which shared journaling expresses.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

posting as themic point

Why not ‘themic’ instead of ‘thematic’?

I’ll make—I’m making—posts which are prospective sites (focal points) for under-elaborated conceptions (or unelaborated concepts) which will gain elaboration relative to later discussions elsewhere which use the conception and reference its focal point.