Friday, February 28, 2020

praise for gifted longevity

Freeman Dyson died this week, age 96.

I commented at the NYTimes obituary.

I’m noting that here because I’ll soon prospect at length about giftedness as model for understanding the nature of intelligence, which is to be employed for a realistic idealism about human potential, which will serve prospecting notions of highly flourishing life.

There’s a typo in my NYT comment I can’t correct there: We “mis-imagined that heaven as someplace else.” I meant: We mis-imagined that heaven is someplace else. We mis-imagined heaven as someplace else. We’re the diasporic (diaspora-ic) species, hungry for greener pastures.

Dyson’s last article for the NY Review of Books notes that, in the beginning. “the universe was divided into earth and sky, the earth made of perishable stuff in constant turmoil, the sky made of immortal stuff, serene and ageless” (January 2020).

Yet, alas: We’re all children of the pale blue dot.

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