Sunday, September 18, 2011

willful subjectivity vs. egocentric happiness

Subjective life is subject to its Whatever or embodied lifeworldliness. Though it may aptly be willfully egoistic (especially for the child learning to assertively live), subjective life isn’t yet egocentric in its ownmost sense, which no longer needs to defend against its subjectivity, instead welcoming that into its ownmost love of life. Adult life remains egoistic, in part, inasmuch as finding one’s ownmost way (authentic egocentrism) has remained subjected to dependencies that must be willfully presumed to not be oppressive (e.g., identifying with self-esteeming dependencies as if they are autonomous preferences—but which were never really chosen). Post-egoistic egocentrism of authentically loved living is happy to yield to feeling and others’ stances. Truly egocentric life lets go of attachments without mourning. Egoistic life is easily intimidated by feeling, others’ stances, and lack of control.