Sunday, October 11, 2020

what’s ‘good’

It promises a better way, relative to other options. It’s an appellant metonym for the way to go.

Historically, the term tropes a concept of appropriateness: fitting, uniting—or fit uniting, fitting unitedness?—cohering?

Its vast range of meaning (52 sub-definitions)—its aura-tic nebulosity
(so dependent on context of use)—is basically and merely twofold:

1: attributive value: favoring, fitting, appealing; being sufficient, valid, or satisfactory

2: exemplary value: being admirable, respectable, or capable.

The better way orients (like a pole star) events of appropriation.

My several discussions of this (typically here—but also prospected in earlier years more casually) haven’t mentioned that interesting etymological and lexical character of ‘good’. So, here you have it,
brief and non-tedious.