Saturday, June 6, 2020

vistas of blobs: gathering satisfaction in a hunt

To call motion a hunt implies intent in the motion. The moving thing hunts because eventually a capture is seen, after which the moving settles, evidently satisfied. That which moves captures and settles, showing intent.

But there can’t be intent without intelligence. So, the moving capture that settles itself is intelligent.

Formation of clouds in a humid sky gravitates toward concentration of moisture into precipitous portent. The air shapes itself as if drawn to concentrate moisture—as if centripetality of temperature differences in barametric pressure prefers entropic condensation—because entropy prevails “above” all.

Time lapse video of cloud formation over a plain looks like an awesome formation by intent. Analytically, there is physical “prevailing” with results being centripetally drawn into self-precipitating vortexes.