Wednesday, March 9, 2022


Some values are integral, even regarded as intrinsic, unlike most values. Integrally intrinsic values have high importance which orient the relevance of other values for action; or override other values in evaluations. A holism of values is valuable as such.

To preserve the kinship of integrally intrinsic values and other values,
I capitalize the former in my offline notes; so, I want to do that online.
I place a ‘V’ at the end to distinguish the difference between using that term and ‘value’ at the beginning of a sentence (which gets capitalized).

For example, “Values of one’s mode of life may be understood in light of a specific ValueV of being one’s life,” e.g., integrity.

Quoting from a recent discussion: ValuesV that truly matter are those which mirror selfidentity: Selfidentical values prevail for orientation of action because one’s life is invested in their appeal. On this basis, one makes sense of principles as appealing for orientation of action, thereby possibily making good sense of a pricniple-based order at some appealing scale (domestic, local, regional, national, transnational) which one can appreciate, support, and relatively exemplify through practices, perspectives, policies, case-making, and teaching.

I have a yet-unexplicated conception of selfidentity-consolidating ValueV holism in which one confidently trusts because one has “wholeheartedly” individuated oneself. That conception is part of a large volume of notes on ValueV which will be gradually used to enhance this posting relative to increased use of ‘ValueV’ online.