Tuesday, August 24, 2021

posting as themic point

Why not ‘themic’ instead of ‘thematic’?

I’ll make—I’m making—posts which are prospective sites (focal points) for under-elaborated conceptions (or unelaborated concepts) which will gain elaboration relative to later discussions elsewhere which use the conception and reference its focal point.

The formulations in my offline notes are expressed with more semantic compression (as Work notes) than I want to currently explicate, and facets of the conception (perspectival formulations) may be spread through many Working projects that I haven’t yet gathered to cohere for presentation (sharing work). But I need a sense of the conception for a current project elsewhere, linking practically to a themic home place, which is fair to my overall Work.

Shared work in an occasioned context appropriates (or interprets) part of an earlier translation process between Work and work which is hermeneutical.

That difference is troped by differentiation between selfidentity (or selfidentical engagement) and [inter]personal presence, which varies beyond situational role differences of a given mode of one’s life, because cohering selfidentity involves multiple identities: professional, intimate, social,..., just as creative work can vary by genre for the same creator; or discursive work can vary by proximally-incommensurable conceptual kind (poetic irt ethical; phenomenological irt scientific) for the same inquirer.