Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Silly birds. You’re so hyper in balmy days, as if ultimacy is chirping.

Yet, we wouldn’t claim that their happy vitality is inspired. They’re full of how they’re to be. We say their vitality is “hardwired” toward goals and reliefs lacking inspiration that may serve aspiration and calls for creativity?

We have intrinsic, self-enhancive vitality that can be traced back into our infancy, incomparable to the ephemeral flurries of other creatures.

However, our intelligent life evolved with theirs, life’s nerved vitality finding countless ways of being, relative to morphic constraints that became inestimably varied fates for neurological fits, enabled and enabling, blocking and blocked, favoring and favored, perfected for fated bodies (insects, birds) through eons, while for us aspiring for perfectibility that’s ultimately elusive, yet thereby to evolve endlessly.

Meanwhile, Earth’s genealogy of vitality might as well be regarded as having been eternity: In the beginning, a new generation of cellular life every 30 minutes—how exponential is that over hundreds of millions of years?

No wonder evolving intelligence gained perfection within its innumerable kinds of fated constraints. But perfect bees won’t become ravens, and perfect birds speedily navigating tangles of branches or multi-thousanded miles of migration home won’t learn to tell stories.

Vitality, immanently lived by every species of shared heaven, caused final decisions eons ago about what is to become of inestimably variable vitality. Yet, only we may realize comprehensibility’s evolving: No displaced, supernatural causality required; no Vitalism.

There gives emergence from enspiriting vitality of evolving Nature that may comprehend comprehending comprehensively, re-tracing Itself by discursive artistry that’s scientifically derived by the only species—we children creating horizons—on this planet—also aspiring to presume Others.

Next: aspirations, as part 7 of the “summer 2017” set for the “mind evolving” Area of cohering.net.